The goal is to upgrade the patient’s psychology


It is a fact that the battle of patients against cancer and chronic diseases is often difficult and painful.

The diagnosis of the disease alone is a fact that affects the psychology of the patient, creating fear and insecurity for the future.

He is called not only to face the situation but also the constant changes in his body that it brings.

Because of the difficulties and new reality that cancer patients are forced to adjust to, many often lose their faith and self-confidence.


The patient’s psychology, at the center of interest

From the treatments followed in the “battle” against the disease, there are consequences that the patient can not prevent. One of them is the sudden change of appearance. The external image is proven to be connected with the self-confidence of the person, having at the same time an impressive effect on his physical well-being.

The importance of this relationship lies in its active contribution to the patient’s recovery. In the fight against cancer cells, there may be an impact on healthy cells.

This effect is often the result of temporary hair loss. But given the severity of the disease, the reasonable question arises: ‘why bother with such an insignificant – for the moment – issue?

Hair loss can be an expected and usually reversible step for most chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.

But it does not cease to exert a decisive psychological influence.

The dramatic change caused by, albeit transient, hair loss is often experienced more intensely by the treatment process itself, especially by female patients.

Of course, without any doubt, the disease and its effects are a real challenge for men and women, regardless.

The transformation of the body into a way of expressing symptoms is characterized as remarkable.


The oncology patient “takes control in his hands”!

Controlling the effects of the disease may not be in the hands of patients, but a positive attitude is a clearly personal choice.

During this difficult period, patients who take care of their appearance have significant benefits as:

  • Their self-esteem is strengthened
  • Relieve symptoms of depression
  • They move forward with renewed motivation


The specialized hair clinic Bergmann Kord, “ally” of the oncology patient

Bergmann Kord treats the sufferer with great sensitivity and professionalism.

With this main concern, the specialized medical team of the clinic, exclusively applies the most advanced HOS technique

It is about a great innovation for oncology patients.

HOS can successfully replace the disease wig, fully covering any “weaknesses” of the latter.

The mental uplift through the essential assurance of the external appearance of the patient, is a goal for all the scientific staff of Bergmann Kord.

Enhancing self-confidence and continuing, in the smoothest way, his normal life, provide the patient with the opportunity to focus exclusively on his shortest recovery.

It also contributes drastically to its psychosocial survival.

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