HAIR for HELP Activities

HAIR for HELP Activities

Contributions – Participations – Events

The Human Resources of Bergmann Kord as a whole release its Social Sensitivities in the Activities of the HAIR for HELP Initiative.

At the same time, all the Logistical Equipment of the Company has been put, by the Management, in the service of the purposes of this important Mission.

Providing Free Wigs to Patients.

Quintessence, the Aimed Result of all HAIR for HELP Actions.

The collection of Braids with Hair from Donors,

Their Processing,

The Manufacture of  Medical Wigs,

Offering them to our suffering, needy fellow human beings. So Simple, So Important, So Invaluable!

Educational – Information Activities

Conducting Seminars and the participation of the Scientific Staff of Bergmann Kord in respective other bodies, with the aim of Informing and Supporting the vulnerable groups of patients from cancer and alopecia, is now a common practice.

An important contribution is the Counseling interventions to anyone interested in the maintenance and treatment of Wig Diseases.

But also for their important contribution to the maintenance of the “Unchanged image Before and After chemotherapy” and the consequent elevation of the Morale and Psychology of the patient.


Local Events – Events

Finally, the Mobilizations and the Participation in Events of Local Bodies (Municipalities, Regions, Associations of Cancer Patients, Educational Complexes, Sports Clubs ανά) throughout the Territory, record multiple and continuous presence in the largest cities of Greece, Thessaloniki, Greece, , Rhodes.

Similar Actions have been planned and are being implemented in the rest of Greece, with the aim of raising the awareness of the general public – and especially the Young Generation – on issues of Volunteerism, Social Altruism, Solidarity, Collective Effort and Unselfish and Unselfish Offer. especially to our needy Fellow Man.

Still possible

Finally, but a very important development is the announcement of the Management about a decision taken in terms of supporting and increasing the available Corporate Resources to serve the Purposes and Aspirations of the Love and Contribution Initiative, the HAIR for HELP Movement.