HOS Medical Wigs – Maintenance

HOS Medical Wigs – Maintenance


What maintenance does the HOS system need?

HOS systems are very thin handmade constructions that are created based on specifications, different for each case.

The thinner the construction, the more sensitive and the more attention is needed in daily use.

The service life of the system is between 10-12 months.

In cases where there is more or faster wear, it is repaired by placing new hairs on the worn areas.

What to look out for in proper HOS maintenance

  • Support: New hair is stabilized with a special and hypoallergenic gel.
    For the first 24 hours the hair should not get wet, while immediately after the application you should not sweat from physical exercise.
    After the first 24 hours you can continue all your activities, such as bathing and combing them.


Hairdressing Procedures:

  • Shampooing: You can shampoo your hair once a week, but in the following way:

First untangle them with a soft brush.

Then, paying particular attention to the movements of the hands during the wash, gentle movements should be made in one direction / direction.

Remember that massage is NOT allowed, so as not to confuse and confuse the hair.

You can use moisturizing shampoos.

If you decide to visit a hair salon, you should inform the hairdresser who will bathe you about this particular way of bathing.

After shampooing, use a hair conditioner to moisturize and untangle the hair.

  • Hairstyle: The hairstyle must be done carefully.

Avoid hot air in the hair dryer.

The brushes should be used gently so that the hair is not pulled hard.

Foam and lacquer can be used to complete the styling.

  • Care:  For general hair care, you should avoid:
    • Any kind of friction that can come from a machine helmet.
    • Scratching with nails.
    • Tight hats.
    • Rubbing on the pillow.
    • Intense creping, etc. which is likely to cause wear and tear in these areas.
    • You also need to be careful with the use of cologne on the hair, because it can damage the hair structure.



  • Daily: You can comb your hair with a soft brush and use Moisturizing Products.
  • Monthly maintenance: The maintenance of new hair is completed with the monthly renewal of the gel. This helps maintain hair and support.
    The time required is about two hours.
  • Sleep: It is recommended to use a satin pillowcase for sleep.
    The hair should be tied with a soft rubber band or gathered with a soft net so that they do not get tangled and wear out during sleep.

Medical wigs with natural or synthetic hair, are made based on the latest technology to be available for medical purposes, according to the European Union Directive 93/42 / EEC.