The Bergmann Kord Love Manifesto

The Bergmann Kord Love Manifesto

“For a Fistful of … ponytails”


We will talk to you about what the technical terms refer to as “Corporate Social Responsibility”. But from our point of view…
We will paraphrase the title of the old, alltimeclassic, western movie. And we will “aim” directly at the Center of Love, in the heart of Emotions, claiming the participation of the Offer to the Poor, man in need.

We at Bergmann Kord, the 1st Hair Clinic in Greece, are very familiar with the Power of Hair (or “hair” as the Founder and President of the Company calls it).

Of such a humble part of the body that, while it hides in it all the information of the existence of each one, our first concern is to get rid of it when it happens and “falls into our hands”.
And that, exactly, is the Goal of the “HAIR for HELP” Initiative.
Eliminate “xe” and what it means (“cancellation”, “deprivation”, “removal”) and turn to… “upload”.
To replace the wastebasket in the Hairdressers or in our Home with the “Basket of the Useful”.
There to “load”, with special care, the hairs we cut because they are not only useless. Because with them will be made wigs that will be offered to our Suffering Fellow Men, who come from weak, financially, Families.
Because these hairs will give plenty of smiles to aching and tested Souls!

The intense Everyday life

When you experience dramas in your professional daily life.
How many and so many cases… were diagnosed and their lives changed dramatically from “one moment to the next”.
The complete reversal of the priorities and the creation of new ones, of the following one:
“Victory in the Race of Life is one way”.
But also when you become part of the Psychological Support that the external appearance offers when “the Image remains unchanged Before and After Chemotherapy”.

When you receive reflections, intense reflections and sullen Physiognomes.
And then you witness the absolute change: Smiles, true Smiles and determined Faces.
When you are accompanied by the inexplicable, intuitive agony of a small child who suddenly sees his features altered, “naked”.
And you know that, despite the difficulty of covering (because “wigs are not made for such small heads”), you will contribute to the complete reversal.

Why do you own the Expertise for the complete overthrow!
And with all your senses you will enjoy untold experiences of childish, angelic, innocent and overflowing joy. Joy!
Then YES. You appreciate the power that this insignificant “hair” hides inside.
And you “give” in the effort to turn the Initiative into “Movement”.

To dedicate Love and Time to transfer the values of Volunteering and Social Solidarity to the New Generation: “ Today we donate 25 cm of our hair, tomorrow we offer Blood, the day after tomorrow we become conscious organ donors…”. Enjoy the feeling that “you were there too – part of the Struggle for a More Human Tomorrow”.

We named this Initiative “HAIR for HELP”.

These and the Stories of our intense (functional and emotional) Everyday life.
Meallagia, all “For a fistful of ponytails”, and / or “for a fistful of… plenty tales”!

“We Offer Hair, We Give Smiles”


“HAIR for HELP”: The “Movement” of Offering to the patient, needy Fellow Man through the Hair Provision for the manufacture of Medical wigs..

The Bergmann Kord Hair Clinics Corporate Social Responsibility Actions, with multi-level activities.


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