Collabortions – Manufacturers

Collabortions – Manufacturers



A special order is made for each patient, with the creation of a personal file in which his specifications, needs and desires are recorded, in order to ensure the absolute success of the construction.
In other words, no order is like another, since each patient is a separate case, with special specifications and special needs.



To create any specialized HOS system, Bergmann Kord cooperates with the most important and most reliable European factories.
In these, the experienced and specialized craftsmen create the specific constructions (hairsystems) with a sense of responsibility.

These systems are handmade constructions, which due to their very delicate and special base constructions materials require careful processing.


Product Quality

These factories provide all the necessary quality certificates, which are then filed with the insurance fund (EOPYY), so that patients can receive the relevant compensation for their hair loss.

An additional important advantage of the HOS system is the fact that its use does NOT affect the regrowth of new hair after the end of treatment.

Oncology patients can continue to live a normal life, without hair loss due to chemotherapy being a hindrance to their daily lives.

Thus, with the positive psychology created by the feeling that nothing has changed in their appearance, they gain more strength to better cope with their demanding treatment.

Addresses of Scientific Centers:

* Athens (Headquarters) : 348 Kifissias Ave. (Opposite “HYGEIA” Hospital), PC 152 33 Chalandri, Athens, Tel.: 210 68 28 888

* Athens : 203 Syggrou Ave., PC 171 21 Nea Smyrni, Athens, Tel.: 210 93 11 111

* Thessaloniki : 20 Adrianoupoleos & Aegean, PC 551 33 Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Tel.: 2310 45 85 55

* Patras : Agiou Andreou 111 & PC 262 21 Patra, Tel.: 2610 42 45 45

* Larissa : Marinou Antipa 2 & Kouma (Central Square of Larissa), PC 412 22 Larissa, Tel.: 2410 66 00 90

* Heraklion : Georg. Papandreou & Drakontopoulou 49, PC 713 06 Heraklion, Crete, Tel.: 2810 34 20 65

* Rhodes : Canada 73 (Agios Nikolaos Square), PC 851 00 Rhodes, Tel.: 22410 78 302

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