The Partners of “HAIR for HELP”

The Partners of “HAIR for HELP”


The support of Individuals, ordinary everyday people with a strong sense of Solidarity and Offer to fellow human beings, in the Goals and Aspirations of the HAIR for HELP Initiative is touching.

Equally important is the contribution of professionals in the field (Hairdressers – HairStylists – Specialists in the wider field of Beauty) as well as executives of Public Services, Local Authorities and more.

The experience of Specialists

Through their daily activities, they come in contact with the anxiety and needs of that portion of the population that experiences the problems of both cancer and alopecia.

But also with the growing category of those who wish to contribute to the alleviation of Human Pain by supporting and underpinning these efforts.

As in all activities, here too the correct and timely coordination of Available Resources and collaborations in general, maximizes the Effectiveness of Actions.

Bergmann Kord helper

At this point it is worth emphasizing that the people of Bergmann Kord stand by and respond to all the requests that are forwarded to the Company and concern:

  • In the offer of Expertise for issues related to the knowledge and business object of the Clinics.
  • In the elaboration and submission of proposals for holding Events of Mass Interest of Information and Providing Incentives for the promotion of Volunteer Movements, Humanitarian Offering and Solidarity.
  • Participation in the above Events.
  • The receipt of offered hair from donations from Individuals in order to promote them to partner companies for the manufacture of wigs and then distribute them to needy, suffering fellow human beings.

We are close!

So, if you belong to the categories of Public Officials of Local Government, Education and / or Businesses in the field of Hairdressing and the wider Beauty Sector, do not hesitate to contact us, in order to methodize Partnerships that will aim at the Offer to the Fellow Man in need.


You can :

  Call Bergmann Kord’s “Offer to a Fellow” section at: +30 210 68 28 888   ή

√  Fill in the form below in order for us to contact you.

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“We Offer Hair, We Give Smiles”


“HAIR for HELP”: The “Movement” of Offering to the patient, needy Fellow Man through the Hair Provision for the manufacture of Medical wigs..

The Bergmann Kord Hair Clinics Corporate Social Responsibility Actions, with multi-level activities.


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Addresses of Scientific Centers:

* Athens (Headquarters) : 348 Kifissias Ave. (Opposite “HYGEIA” Hospital), PC 152 33 Chalandri, Athens, Tel.: 210 68 28 888

* Athens : 203 Syggrou Ave., PC 171 21 Nea Smyrni, Athens, Tel.: 210 93 11 111

* Thessaloniki : 20 Adrianoupoleos & Aegean, PC 551 33 Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Tel.: 2310 45 85 55

* Patras : Agiou Andreou 111 & PC 262 21 Patra, Tel.: 2610 42 45 45

* Larissa : Marinou Antipa 2 & Kouma (Central Square of Larissa), PC 412 22 Larissa, Tel.: 2410 66 00 90

* Heraklion : Georg. Papandreou & Drakontopoulou 49, PC 713 06 Heraklion, Crete, Tel.: 2810 34 20 65

* Rhodes : Canada 73 (Agios Nikolaos Square), PC 851 00 Rhodes, Tel.: 22410 78 302