HOS Technology – General Information

HOS Technology – General Information


This is the most advanced technology in disease wigs. Gives a natural effect and is available exclusively from Bergmann Kord.

Medical Disease Wigs have all the necessary Certifications and are available for Medical purposes according to the directive of the European Union 93/42 / EEC.

The application of this Technology in Bergmann Kord is accompanied by a number of important additional benefits, such as:
  • Free installation and molding.
  • Hydration and hairstyle at low cost.
  • Training for proper care and maintenance.
  • Provide a support base and a special brush for longer use.
  • Possibility to cover a percentage of the cost of Wig Diseases by the insurance funds.

However, you should also know some additional useful information:

  • The rehearsal of application and care takes place in closed areas of individual service.
    In this way all protection measures and protocols are taken from Covid-19.
  • There is the possibility of issuing receipts and other certificates for your insurance fund.
  • All products are guaranteed for their high quality construction and do not cause allergies or other skin irritations.

The prices are reasonable and always depending on the quality of the product you choose from the wide variety that is available.

What is the HOS Technique

The HOS technique is applied exclusively by Bergmann Kord for cases where patients undergo chemotherapy, resulting in hair loss in a few days.

This solution is superior to the usual solution of the disease wig, in the following:
  • It is based on the construction of a system with personalized characteristics such as color or length and thus ensures the preservation of the original image of each patient.
  • It consists of a specially made membrane on which natural hair is implanted, which are similar in quality and color to the patient.
  • The system is easy to apply and maintains absolute stability 24 hours a day.

HOS technology is listed as the only equivalent to the FDA (National Food and Drug Administration).

It consists of hypoallergenic material.
It is completely safe, allows the skin to breathe freely and due to its exceptional delicacy does not reduce the sensation of external stimuli.

HOS Wig Application Steps - Preparation