Participation of EOPΥΥ – Insurance

Participation of EOPΥΥ – Insurance



The insurance fund (EOPYY) covers a percentage of the cost of purchasing a synthetic or human hair wig or the HOS technique.


In this case, follow the procedure below:


1    Ask your doctor for advice on the need to buy a wig.

2    Consider the opinion of the auditor of the fund (EOPYY) who will sign and seal it.
(ATTENTION: The date of the visa must be earlier than the purchase document, if you have decided which wig to buy.)

3   On the day of purchase we will give you – together with the purchase receipt – all the necessary Certificates and Certificates of Marketing and Distribution of our Company.

4   Then you have one month from the day of the stamp, to forward in your Insurance Institution all the above papers together with your Bank Account number.

 The amount you are entitled to will be deposited in your personal Bank Account in a short time.



Some insurance companies cover part or all of the cost of buying a disease wig with insurance policies.
We suggest that you ask your insurance agent.