The “HAIR for HELP” Initiative

The “HAIR for HELP” Initiative


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In addition to the continuous upgrade of the provided Services in terms of the Scientific object, a key element of the Philosophy of Bergmann Kord is the offer of Solidarity project through the active contribution to the Social Ensemble.

Thus, the activities of the company include the undertaking of important actions of Social Responsibility, where, among other things, it supports the Charitable actions of Associations and Associations, such as the fraternity “Athenaides – Daughters of Penelope” etc.

However, the “HAIR for HELP” initiative is the cornerstone of Bergmann Kord Corporate Social Responsibility.


HAIR for HELP: Life Initiative

The “HAIR for HELP” Initiative was created in 2010 on the occasion of meeting the needs of Associations of Cancer Patients, such as the Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Leap of Life”, to whom active support continues to this day.

This is an Initiative to support our fellow human beings who suffer from cancer or alopecia and are proven unable to cover the cost of purchasing a Rehabilitation Wig.

This Initiative encourages volunteers to donate their hair in order to make Disease Wigs which are then provided free of charge to needy oncology patients and patients with alopecia.

In recent years, the Initiative has become a “Movement”, as it has met with a great response from many places and different Social Groups.


Goals and Aspirations

Among other things, “HAIR for HELP” aims to highlight its educational character.

Thus, the selection of Educational Units as places for the implementation and dissemination of the Initiative is not random and is not limited to Hair Donation.

The Ultimate Purpose is the Training and Awareness of the representatives of the New Generation, in order to embrace the Values ​​of Volunteering and Social Solidarity.

“Today we donate 25 cm of our hair, tomorrow we offer Blood, the next day we become conscious organ donors…”.

At the same time, Bergmann Kord executives actively participate in Informative and Supportive seminars, on upgrading the Quality of Life of the oncology patient.


The perspective of the Initiative in the future

Social Sensitivities and Solidarity as a way of life are components of Bergmann Kord DNA.

It is very logical, then, that all kinds of Actions in this direction be a key axis of its Corporate Strategy.

For the Management and Staff of Bergmann Kord the intensification of all the Activities of the Initiative “HAIR for HELP” is a decision taken.

In this context, the effort for Information, Awareness, increase of the Participation of the people in corresponding movements of Social Contribution will continue at an ever-increasing pace.

It’s something we ALL need!

Addresses of Scientific Centers:

* Athens (Headquarters) : 348 Kifissias Ave. (Opposite “HYGEIA” Hospital), PC 152 33 Chalandri, Athens, Tel.: 210 68 28 888

* Athens : 203 Syggrou Ave., PC 171 21 Nea Smyrni, Athens, Tel.: 210 93 11 111

* Thessaloniki : 20 Adrianoupoleos & Aegean, PC 551 33 Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Tel.: 2310 45 85 55

* Patras : Agiou Andreou 111 & PC 262 21 Patra, Tel.: 2610 42 45 45

* Larissa : Marinou Antipa 2 & Kouma (Central Square of Larissa), PC 412 22 Larissa, Tel.: 2410 66 00 90

* Heraklion : Georg. Papandreou & Drakontopoulou 49, PC 713 06 Heraklion, Crete, Tel.: 2810 34 20 65

* Rhodes : Canada 73 (Agios Nikolaos Square), PC 851 00 Rhodes, Tel.: 22410 78 302