HOS Technology – Advantages

HOS Technology – Advantages


With the application of the HOS technique, the patient enjoys the following advantages:

He can maintain exactly the image of his hair, as it was before the chemotherapy, since this technique ensures a completely natural result that is no different from his own hair. Therefore, the difference is not perceived.

Can have permanent application of new hair 24 hours a day. The HOS system is not removed even during sleep, like simple wigs.

  The new hair is styled and perfectly adapted to his own, unique needs.

 The HOS system is lightweight, does not weigh down the head at all and weighs 60 to 120 grams in total.

  The new HOS technique is completely safe. It allows the skin to breathe freely without affecting its hygiene. In addition, due to its exceptional delicacy, it does not deprive the sensation of external stimuli.

With this technique, the patient can take care of his new hair just like natural hair, without restrictions. In other words, he can wash, comb, apply styling products, etc.