Responsible Information

For us every patient is unique. With our experience and knowledge we aim at the right information so that he can decide accordingly.
In this phase, samples are presented and options are given according to his needs and desires.


HOS Technology

Using HOS technology we intend to stand by patients by supporting the stable external appearance of their hair during this time.
Our goal is to improve the quality of life during the chemotherapy period.

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Support Team

Bergmann Kord has experienced and highly qualified technical consultants. They are regularly trained in the latest technology.
They are constantly close to the patient for anything needed during this difficult period.

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Stability on a 24-hour basis

HOS technology is based on the creation of a personalized hairsystem, which consists of a specially made base in which natural hair is implanted.
The film adheres and has stability without the need to remove it.

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Our main goal: To maintain the original appearance of the patient’s hair with a completely natural result.
Thus, we achieve that there is no difference from its previous image and the change is not perceived.


With hair of your choice

The HOS hair system has a serious advantage, allowing the patient to make the hair of the patient’s choice, which he can supply himself.
Delivery time in this case takes more.

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“HAIR for HELP”: Responsibility & Contribution to the Ones in need.

Medical Wigs News & Announcements

The “Step” of Communication of Medical Wigs with You.

Medical / Scientific Articles, Important Announcements / Innovations from World Conferences, Latest Developments, News, Our Activities…
All this, sorted so that they facilitate the search and constitute a valuable and reliable means of your information.

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