HOS – New hair technique for oncology patients

Most patients who undergo chemotherapy, among other things, experience one of the symptoms of treatment, which is hair loss. But a new technique, HOS applied by Bergmann Kord, is the first in the world to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as a hair restoration medical product.

Provides a guaranteed solution for thousands of oncology patients. We addressed the specialists of the clinic and the general manager, Bardi Kordera, in order to talk to us about this revolutionary technique.

Oncology patients who visit Bergmann Kord, can now make a new technique that is innovative and ensures the same image of hair as their own with permanent use 24 hours a day.
A few words about this technique.

Bergmann Kord applies exclusively in Greece for patients undergoing chemotherapy and losing their hair.

The Innovative HOS Technique, which is superior to the standard solution of the disease wig, ensures patients the ability to maintain their original image.

This technique is based on the construction of an identical hairsystem with special characteristics depending on the case.

It consists of a specially made membrane on which natural hair of the same quality and color as the patient is implanted.

This film is then applied to the scalp and maintains absolute stability 24 hours a day.

The HOS product is listed by the FDA (National Food and Drug Administration).

It is made of hypoallergenic material, it is completely safe, it allows the skin to breathe freely and due to its exceptional delicacy it does not remove the feeling of external stimuli from the person.


When can this technique be applied? Before or during chemotherapy?

We always recommend that the necessary measurements (color, length, cup, etc.) be made before the patient’s hair loss begins.
Then the new hair is prepared and applied at the moment when their loss begins.
It is indicated for patients who during this phase do not want their hair loss to be noticed by chemotherapy.
The HOS technique significantly helps the patient’s psychology and this enhances the doctor’s treatment with better results.


How long does it take and what is the process?

Delivery time depends on the technical characteristics of the order (length, color, percentage of whites) and ranges from 10-25 days.
The installation process is completed with special care in about 2 hours by specialized personnel.
The film is attached to the scalp where it fits perfectly and with absolute stability for the whole 24 hours without having to be removed.
It is completely safe and allows the skin to breathe freely without affecting its hygiene.


If the patient is not in the city of Bergmann Kord, and can not go to a center, can the procedure be done at home?

The care of the new hair is done as before with his own hair. HOS new hair is bathed and combed like natural. Only one monthly maintenance is needed to renew the support gel. Otherwise the patient cannot be moved, other equally effective techniques are preferred.

Those interested can schedule a free appointment to be informed in detail at any center in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Larissa, Heraklion, Rhodes by calling 800 11 00 111 (free of charge from a landline throughout Greece) or on the individual phones of each clinic.


Prices that fluctuate and what is the participation of the insurance funds?

It is possible to cover part of the cost of the HOS technique from the insurance funds.
Prices vary depending on the patient’s order variations
The patient should seek the advice of a physician in order to submit the required papers.
Our clinic provides all the necessary certificates of manufacture of the product, required by the insurance funds.

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