HAIR for HELP in Argos (2018)

HAIR for HELP in Argos (2018)

Argos: We sent the message!


Sunday 6 May 2018.

During the competitions, the Bergmann Kord team “runs” its own marathon.

Everything must be ready in a minimum time for the reception of the High Guests. Of the Volunteers.

Of the Argites – and not only – who will offer 20 cm of their hair in order to make wigs for our needy fellow human beings (men, women, children) suffering from cancer or alopecia.

It is a fact that the Municipality for this purpose granted one of the most characteristic points of the city. His previous “home”. The imposing “old town hall”.

More urgent, then, is the need to respond to the spatial needs of the charity event “We Offer Hair, We Give Smiles”.

In the end, everything went “as desired”, the space was properly prepared both for the hairdressing needs of the project and for the general surrounding atmosphere and philosophy of “offer”.


The “color” of the event

Three snapshots “stigmatized” the process:

The Twins (No. 1) or otherwise the almost DNA identical DNA of Volunteering!

The two little, twin brothers who with their particularly imposing presence lifted the mood of all those present at the heights.


The Twins (No. 2) or otherwise the “cinematic” scene of the beloved invasion of space.

The young gentleman who, running his own “katostari”, invaded the area, offering a rose accompanied by a kiss to the little volunteers.

Some laughed with their hearts. Some raised their eyes recalling…

You see, the memories of pure, childish, innocent love are always alive!

Incredible and unique incident at so many “HAIR for HELP” events throughout Greece…


The… special style in the hairdressing process!

The little parcel and the years volunteer who, standing in the chair due to… conditions, offered her hair to other children who, unfortunately, need it.

Yes. On Sunday, May 6, 2018, in the central square of Agios Petros in Argos, we cut little angels!



Η ανταπόκριση για Προσφορά ήταν μεγάλη. Μεγαλύτερη από την αναμενόμενη.

The response to Offer was great. Bigger than expected.

Argos proved its “size” in this area as well. Deep bow!

In return for this contribution, the President of Bergmann Kord Clinical Hair, Mrs. Vasiliki Kordera, promised full support to the Local Bodies for issues related to the Corporate activities in the direction of the alleviation of Human Pain.

An area that the employees of the Group know very well both through the Social Responsibility actions HAIR for HELP and through the daily professional activity.

As, no, it was completely natural the appointment was renewed for the next event of the Municipality and the wider area.

“Post script first”

It would be a great omission not to name these key factors of success:

The pre-eminent: Mayor of Argos-Mycenae Mr. Dimitris Kamposos. He smiled at us in his own characteristic way and provided us with the means to fulfill the promise we made to its citizens.

The General Coordinator and Head of Mind: Well-known Lawyer, Municipal Councilor and President of the NPDD Social Welfare and Sports of the Municipality of Argos-Mycenae Mr. Vangelis Tzavellas. It was for us a point of reference and decisive help for all operational procedures.

Our “Association” with the Municipal Authority: Mrs. Gina Politi, whose curator arranged even the last detail of the event.

The “heart” of the whole project: Mrs. Matina Alexakou, without the mediation and constant presence of which we would not have the joy and honor to live this experience and to convey the lively messages of strengthening Volunteering and Offering to fellow human beings.

Thank you all for the trust, the unwavering hospitality, the enthusiasm, the support, the immediacy of the actions, the love with which you surrounded us.

Without them it would not be possible to implement the action and the particularly large size of the impact on the Local Community.

For more information :
• Call Bergmann Kord’s “Offer to a Fellow” section at: +30 210 68 28 888.
• Visit the Main Building of the Bergmann Kord Clinical Hair: 348 Kifissias Ave., 152 33 Chalandri (opposite “HYGEIA” Hospital).
• Navigate to:

Addresses of Scientific Centers:

* Athens (Headquarters) : 348 Kifissias Ave. (Opposite “HYGEIA” Hospital), PC 152 33 Chalandri, Athens, Tel.: 210 68 28 888

* Athens : 203 Syggrou Ave., PC 171 21 Nea Smyrni, Athens, Tel.: 210 93 11 111

* Thessaloniki : 20 Adrianoupoleos & Aegean, PC 551 33 Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Tel.: 2310 45 85 55

* Patras : Agiou Andreou 111 & PC 262 21 Patra, Tel.: 2610 42 45 45

* Larissa : Marinou Antipa 2 & Kouma (Central Square of Larissa), PC 412 22 Larissa, Tel.: 2410 66 00 90

* Heraklion : Georg. Papandreou & Drakontopoulou 49, PC 713 06 Heraklion, Crete, Tel.: 2810 34 20 65

* Rhodes : Canada 73 (Agios Nikolaos Square), PC 851 00 Rhodes, Tel.: 22410 78 302

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