Synthetic Wigs – Maintenance

Synthetic Wigs – Maintenance

Synthetic Wigs – Maintenance



In recent years synthetic wigs have evolved, allowing for many different cuts, colors and styles.
Thus, all the possibilities that they provide are utilized to the maximum, while a wide variety is offered in order to make the ideal choice that suits your preferences.

General Tips

  • Place the wig on the head and carefully measure the distance so that the beginning of the wig starts 3 to 4 fingers from the eyebrows.
  • Center it by grasping it by the bars that are at the height of the favorite. The vanes should be tilted towards the temples so that they touch the head.
  • Each wig at the point of the neck has elastic straps for its correct adjustment, so that it is stable.
    In case you tighten it more than necessary, it may rise upwards, while in case of excessive pressure it may tear its lacefront.
  • We recommend that you remove the wig during sleep and wear a turban so that your head does not get cold.


  • Carefully comb the hair of the wig with the special brush that we have supplied to you.
  • Then dissolve a dose of shampoo in a bowl of cold water.
  • With gentle movements “baptize” the wig, so that the shampoo spreads everywhere (Please avoid rubbing, massage and intense movements).
  • Rinse the shampoo and apply emollient in the same way.
  • Leave the wig in the emollient cream for about 5 minutes and then rinse it carefully.


We suggest that after shampooing you place your wig on a plastic base. Then let it dry on its own without using a hair dryer.

Caution: The use of hot air and the contact of the wig with any kind of hot and hot surfaces (such as hair dryers, straightening irons or curling irons) is forbidden in any case.


  • For the general care of the wig, please avoid any kind of friction on the hair, friction that can be caused by scratching with nails, intense creping, etc.
    This friction is likely to cause damage and hair loss in these areas.
  • Also be careful not to apply hairspray close to the hair, but away from it. Ideally, you should generally avoid using hairspray.
  • You can comb your hair daily with a soft brush.
  • For the best result, we suggest you moisturize the wig with special Moisturizing Products.

* Medical wigs with natural or synthetic hair, are made based on the latest technology to be available for medical purposes, according to the European Union Directive 93/42 / EEC.