Hair Loss Chemotherapy – What, When, How, Why…

Hair Loss Chemotherapy – What, When, How, Why…


Hair loss is the most obvious side effect of chemotherapy. Most patients undergoing chemotherapy worry about how to deal with partial or total hair loss. However, what every patient and their loved ones need to know is that hair loss is a temporary condition and not permanent.

And this is exactly what we take care to emphasize to each patient from our first contact with him. There is no doubt that the experience of hair loss adds to a number of difficult and painful issues that a cancer patient has to deal with immediately.

However, if the latter – and those close to him – realize that hair loss is temporary, they will have already achieved a first victory in the difficult war. Often, the result for the patient who sees his hair fall out is a sharp drop in mood and self-confidence.

If you or a loved one is going to experience chemotherapy, look at it in its proper dimension.

Think about what you could do best to deal with it.

We will help you find the best solution that suits your needs and desires.

What exactly does Hair Loss caused by Chemotherapy mean?

What is the mechanism of Hair Loss?
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