Become a Hair Donor

Become a Hair Donor


Imagine the unsmiling face of a small child. With a “naked” head from chemotherapy.
Imagine the same person without these symptoms. Full of Smiles.
Donate your Hair.
You do not need Imagination and it is Fantastic!
Determination is also needed and a strong Desire to Offer to the Poor, Man in need.

The Steps
(for the realization of the Offer).

Step 1
“I will lengthen my hair.”

It all starts with a decision. And an expectation for the desired result.

Step 2
“I will cut them.”

When they reach the size I want.


I will keep in mind that, in order for the pigtails to be used for the manufacture of wigs to be given to our needy, suffering fellow human beings, the following specifications must apply:

Hair Specifications Offered

1)  The hair must be 25 cm long and over.

2)   To be clean, bathed and dry.

3)  Not to have undergone a chemical hairdressing process (eg dyeing, highlights, perms, etc.)

             * Vegetable and semi-permanent dyes are acceptable.

             * In any case, raw hair is preferred.

4)  Be held together in a tight braid with a rubber band.

5)  Be stored in a clean bag or any mail folder.

I will also remember that:

  • Gender and age are not a restriction on Hair Donation.
  • The hair is collected and stored according to special specifications, while the wigs are made according to International Treatment Protocols.
Step 3
“I will choose the carrier of my choice and I will send my Donation”

If you choose Bergmann Kord, the 1st Hair Clinic in Greece, you can:

a) Come to us. We will cut your hair and take care of your “new look” or

b)  Deliver your cut hair by hand. We will host you at our premises and we will thank you – in our own way – for your Offer.

In both cases you can call the Science Center near your place of residence.
(Addresses and telephone numbers can be found at the bottom of the page).
Together, we will schedule the meeting, based on your availability

c)  Send us the envelope with the plait through the cooperating courier company iatrikes-peroukes-hair-for-help-sinergatis-acs-logo . In this case you will arrange an appointment with the company to receive the file. The charge will be made to the recipient (ie to us). You will not have the slightest burden.

It is so simple !

Within 3 steps, the Intention, the Mood and the Implementation of Solidarity towards the Fellow Man are concentrated.

Within 3 steps the Deposit of our Love to the weakest and most tested.
With… Interest Rate waves of Pure, Joyful Emotions for the Bidder.
And Smiles, many Smiles for the Recipient!

“We Offer Hair, We Give Smiles”


“HAIR for HELP”: The “Movement” of Offering to the patient, needy Fellow Man through the Hair Provision for the manufacture of Medical wigs..

The Bergmann Kord Hair Clinics Corporate Social Responsibility Actions, with multi-level activities.


For your complete “HAIR for HELP” Update, select the topic you are interested in, here.

Addresses of Scientific Centers:

* Athens (Headquarters) : 348 Kifissias Ave. (Opposite “HYGEIA” Hospital), PC 152 33 Chalandri, Athens, Tel.: 210 68 28 888

* Athens : 203 Syggrou Ave., PC 171 21 Nea Smyrni, Athens, Tel.: 210 93 11 111

* Thessaloniki : 20 Adrianoupoleos & Aegean, PC 551 33 Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Tel.: 2310 45 85 55

* Patras : Agiou Andreou 111 & PC 262 21 Patra, Tel.: 2610 42 45 45

* Larissa : Marinou Antipa 2 & Kouma (Central Square of Larissa), PC 412 22 Larissa, Tel.: 2410 66 00 90

* Heraklion : Georg. Papandreou & Drakontopoulou 49, PC 713 06 Heraklion, Crete, Tel.: 2810 34 20 65

* Rhodes : Canada 73 (Agios Nikolaos Square), PC 851 00 Rhodes, Tel.: 22410 78 302