Our People


Bergmann Kord continuously and regularly trains its staff.This is the job of the HOS applications department, with the latest in technology. In this context, experienced and highly trained technicians come from abroad and pass on their knowledge to Bergmann Kord executives.

At the same time, they transfer the new trends in the specific technique, through a series of educational seminars. So every patient who comes to Bergmann Kord can feel absolutely confident about the reliability and effectiveness of the HOS treatment they receive, from an experienced and well-trained support team, which is always by their side.

More specifically, in the context of the application of HOS treatment participate experienced stylists, hairdressers and technicians. They will help the patient to keep his image unchanged all this time.

At the same time, they will cut his new hair, style it and comb it according to his wishes.

Finally, they will help him and show him how to take care of his new hair in everyday life, in order to keep it natural.

All of the above highlights the reasons why Bergmann Kord’s human resources are an integral part of the success of the innovative HOS technique.

The Staff of the HOS Department 

Specialized technical staff is employed to staff the HOS application department. This group includes stylists, consultants, technicians and experienced hairdressers, excellently trained in this technique.

The training received by the team is regular and continuous by experienced trainers. All the potential that makes up the team is very carefully selected. Each of these executives is a true exponent of Bergmann Kord’s philosophy. Thus, all our human resources are able to guarantee stable, high quality services, with complete and effective results.

Results that exceed the expectations of anyone interested.


Strict professionalism, sincere human interest, the absolute and essential specialization in the subject, confidentiality, continuous and regular training, but also the VIP service are key features of the services that Bergmann Kord’s people offer over time.
The patients enjoy these advantages from the very first contact with our experts.


Above all, the people of Bergmann Kord are constantly and essentially by the side of the patient, client, caregiver or friend, offering him understanding, humanity, warmth and genuine interest in the matter.