Support for our little patients

New technology for the treatment of temporary hair loss in cancer patients.

This technology, as pointed out by the managers of the Hair Clinic Bergmann Kord, is completely different from the corresponding one applied to the classic diseases wigs.

The Innovative Hair Technician HOS

“This new medical product is called HOS and is the only system approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration).

It is based on a personalized hairsystem, made according to the occasion and applied permanently on the head.

It does not cause side effects or alteration of the physical image “points out the general manager of Bergmann Kord Bardis Korderas.

The results of the method are very satisfactory.

Patients, after applying the new hair, respond better to treatment.

They draw energy and strength on a case-by-case basis for the difficult struggle with their illness.

Help for young children

Hope for Hair is a volunteer movement.

It supports our young cancer patients and their families.

“Based on this support movement, volunteers were informed and wanted to send their hair so that hairsystems could be built for children. In this way they will give them optimism and strength for life.

Volunteer donors need to hold their hair tightly, tie it with a rubber band, cut it at least 20 cm long and send it to the company in an envelope. Once received, they are properly prepared for implementation.

Then the appropriate recipient is expected for the adaptation “, says Vardis Korderas.

“Strengthening volunteering, especially in these difficult times, is especially important for all of us when we can help young children feel beautiful in a simple and easy way.

In many cases parents do not have the financial means to respond to this choice.

This is where the HOS system comes in handy. ”

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